Basic Operational System


Model TS1-2-E Thumb Nail Code ID# Description
  Nitrogen Control Group (NCG)
  T1 510 Pressure Discharge Adapter Set (10)
  T1 511 Nitrogen Regulator Assy
  T1 51104 Analog Gauge (0-6c)


Pneumatic Cylinder Vise




T1 NCG Nitrogen Control Group (Items: 510, 511)
Cartridge Control Group (CCG)
  T1 514 Flip Stand
  T1 515 Evacuator Assy & Coupling

1 - 501 Power Train Assy

2 - 502 Control Panel Assy

3 - 503 Vacu-Chamber Assy

4 - 504 Service Stand Assy

5 - 505 Outlet Assy

6 - 506 Extraction Wand

7 - 507 Inlet Assy

8 - 508 Cylinder Support Stand

  Powder Control Group (PCG)
  T1 530

The Extractor

(Fills directly from Pail)
  T1 531

Recovery Unit

(Allows power recovery and storage )

↑↑  Standard Features  ↑↑

Sealed unit
Self Cleans
Auto Stop
Capacity 1.8 c/f
Fill Rate 30 lbs/min
Note: Packaging fee applies to each system

 T1  532 

Sampling Unit

(Allows removal of powder sample from Extinguisher)

Water Pressure Service Stand Accessories
Model 523 Thumb Nail Code ID# Description

Service Head and Safety Cage
Pressure Graphics Tracking System
  T3 552 Electronic Control System
  W2 550 Test Label Printer
  W2 DK2212 Test Label (roll 600")

 Standard Features

  • Pre-Test level control settings
  • Closed circuit operation
  • Individual water and air control valves
  • Fills to correct level
  • Tests cylinders and drains to correct level
  • Manual rotation (see through) safety cage
  • Fills-tests-dries cylinder in seconds
  • A dream to operate
  • Uses hand tight quick coupling adapters (order separately)
  • For multiple testing, order additional service head w/safety cage (max 4)

Optional Special Features

  • Electronic Test Tracking System
  • Test Label Printing - Record Keeping - Reporting
  • Field and local scanning with downloading features

Low Pressure Hydrostatic Tester Accessories
Model 535 Thumb Nails Code ID# Description
T3 Cylinder Air Dryer
T3 Cylinder Holding Rack
T3 53600 Cylinder Air Dryer with Holding Rack
Pressure Graphics Tracking System
T3 Electronic Control System
W2 Test Label Printer
W2 Test Label (roll 600")
Water Recycling Unit 5 gal 

Standard Features:

  • Pre-Test level control settings
  • Closed circuit operation
  • Individual air and water control valves
  • Manual rotation (see through) safety cage
  • Fills-tests-dries cylinders in seconds
  • Air activated cylinder dryer
  • A dream to operate

Optional Features:

  • Electronic test tracking system
  • Test label printing - Record keeping - Reporting
  • Scanning with downloading features

Basic Operational Unit Accessories
Model 544 Thumb Nails Code ID# Description
02 Electronic Scale (5 lbs x 0.1 oz)
03 High Pressure Regulator
04 Disc & Bushing Type A (100)
05 Disc & Bushing Type AA (100)
06 Adapter CO2 Cylinder
07 Adapter N2 Cylinder

Standard Features:

  • Designed to hold and stabilize the cartridge during recharging
  • Use existing charge stems
  • Does not use threads
  • Has vertical & horizontal holding jaws
  • Will handle ALL sizes of cartridges

COPump System

Model 546 Thumb Nails Code ID# Decription
S5 CO1D Coupling 1/2 - 1/4F
S5 CO2 Coupling 1/4 - 1/4F
S5 FWSN Fiber Washer for swivel
S5 CO14P Nylon Washer (snap-in)
S5 CA225 Charge Adapter 1/2 - 1/4F
S5 PCA Charge Adapter (Pyrene)
S5 CA375 Charge Adapter 3/8F - 1/2
SU HTN61 Handwheel Brass 1/2
SU NP150 Nipple Brass
S5 FV25 Flip Valve
S5 CO16 Charge Adapter (Amerex)
S5 CO17 Swivel Nut Brass
S5 VHG Gripper
T3 CLA Charge Line Assembly (in-out)

High Pressure Test System Accessories
Model 551 Thumb Nail Code ID# Description
  Test Adapter Set (7)
  Hoist & Trolley Set w/Chain Bucket (500 lbs)
  512 Cylinder Support Stand
  Water Control Basin

Standard Features:

  • Control Assembly
  • Test Head
  • Test Jacket
  • Pressure Supply Group
  • Electronic Scale
  • Calibrated Cylinder (10k)

Optional Features:

  • Preset test level control
  • Auto-tracking, recording and reporting
Cylinder Fill Head

Gantry Support Assembly

(provides stabilized frame for cylinder movement)



Thumb Nails


Size Thread

01 Amerex

02 Ansul

03 Badger

04 Buckeye

05 Diamond Strike First

06 Flag

07 Fyr Fyter

08 General

09 Kidde

12 Pyrene Chubb

14 Stop Fire

01 1.250-12 x x x x
02 1.500-16F x x x x
03 1.00-12 x x x
04 1.125-16 x x
05 1.875-16
06 1.00-14 x x x
07 0.8125-16 x x x
08 1.250-12F x
09 1.125-16F
10 1.0625-16 x x
11 1.0625-12 x
12 0.75-14 x


2.00-12F x
14 1.375-12F x
15 2.75-12 x
16 3.150 (no thds)
17 2.500 (no thds)
18 1.625-8 x
19 1.375-12 x
20 2.00-16 x
21 2.00-8 x
22 1.625-12 x
23 1.120-AC8 x
24 1.3125-18 x
25 0.8125-12 x
26 2.00-12
27 Hose Plug Set x
28 Rec. Plug x
29 2.250-12 x x
30 2.875-12 x x
31 3.00-12 x x
32 Rec Wrench x
33 Hose Manifold

Cylinder Flip Stand

A low cost holding device with multiple positions with Floor Stand. Specifically designed for servicing the Cartridge type Extinguisher.


  • For servicing the cartridge type extinguisher
  • Supplied with couplings for each size of extinguisher 
  • Permits the operator to couple transfer line whereby one extinguisher can be emptied to another extinguisher or to the recovery unit or vaccum chamber while screening the powder as it leaves the extinguisher being emptied.

Sampling Unit

 Designed to receive a sample of chemical from an outside source for examination without contaminating the system. The sample may be extracted from a pressurized or cartridge unit. Essential for carrying out annual maintenance on the cartridge extinguisher.

Powder Recovery Unit

Allows the recovery of powder from anywhere utilizing a vacuum principle. It will pull powder from a partially filled extinguisher or from a pail using  a screened Wand.  Directly coupled to another module it will empty the the contents into a recycled pail for examination, reuse, or disposal. It permits the complete purging of your system should it become contaminated.


The Extractor has been designed to transfer chemical directly from the supply pail to the extinguisher or to the vaccu chamber. It has a screened outlet which prohibits the entry of foreign matter or lumps in the recipient container. As seen on the photo, the supply container is deposited on the base of the swivel assembly and locked into position, the cone is lowered onto the rim and locked into position and the device is ready for operation.

Cylinder Vise

  • Pneumatic-Belt Type
  • Embossed Belting
  • Link Chain Holder
  • Tool Holder
  • Adjustable

Cylinder Swivel Rack

  • Rugged steel construction
  • Flip control stabilizer
  • Control valve for air & water
  • Push rod cylinder stabilizer
  • Handles portables through 100 lbs cylinders
  • The right product for the right price!

Cylinder Air Dryer

A cylinder dryer design to use after hydrotesting

  • Dries incredibely fast
  • Complies with NFPA 10 regulations
  • Thermal beraker to avoid overheating
  • 110 V
  • Hand control on heating